User agreement

The Windly Energy User Agreement, which defines the main provisions, rights and obligations of the parties, liability, dispute resolution procedure and final provisions.

Basic provisions

  • Windly Energy is a provider of investment services in green energy projects, such as the construction and operation of wind turbines.
  • Investors have the opportunity to choose projects in which they wish to invest their funds.
  • Windly Energy ensures the security of investors' data and information with the help of advanced encryption technologies and information security systems.

Rights and obligations of the parties:

  • Investors have the right to receive information about the status of their investments and the profitability of projects in which they have invested their funds.
  • Windly Energy undertakes to provide transparent reporting on the financial condition and performance of projects so that investors can make informed decisions.
  • Investors are obliged to provide reliable information about themselves and their financial capabilities so that the company can provide them with the most suitable investment proposals.
  • Investors are strictly prohibited from creating multiple accounts. Each investor is entitled to one account. If an investor has multiple accounts, all of their accounts will be immediately blocked pending an appropriate investigation. Violators of this rule run the risk of having all their accounts blocked without prior notice.

Liability of the parties:

  • Windly Energy is not responsible for possible losses or losses of investors related to changes in market conditions or other external factors that may affect the profitability of projects.
  • Investors are responsible for their investment decisions and should be aware of the possible risks associated with investing in green energy projects.

Dispute resolution:

  • In case of disputes between Windly Energy and investors, the parties undertake to make every effort to resolve them through negotiations and a peace agreement.
  • If it is impossible to reach an agreement, disputes may be referred to the competent court, which will make a final decision.

Final provisions:

  • The User Agreement is legally binding for all parties and regulates the relationship between Windly Energy and investors.
  • Windly Energy reserves the right to make changes to the User Agreement if necessary. Investors will be notified of the changes and should familiarize themselves with the new terms.
  • Investors should familiarize themselves with the user agreement before starting investments and agree to its terms in order to use the services of the company Windly Energy.
  • Any changes to the User Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.
  • In case of invalidity or illegality of any provision of the User Agreement, the remaining provisions remain in force.
  • Windly Energy is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred by investors as a result of the use or inability to use the company's services.
  • The User Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the company is registered Windly Energy.
  • All disputes related to the User Agreement are subject to consideration in the competent courts of the country in which the company is registered Windly Energy.
  • The User Agreement remains in force until its modification or termination by agreement of both parties.