Invest in an

ecological future

become a part of the global movement towards clean energy.

Earn clean energy with

Windly Energy

optimize your investments with environmentally sustainable energy!

Green energy is a

new trend

wind turbines are your path to financial independence.

The company's tariff plans

  • Profit for day: 1% 35 working days Breezy
    Min deposit: 50$
    Max deposit: 999$

    This is the starting rate for novice investors.

  • Profit for day: 1.3% 45 working days Gale
    Min deposit: 1000$
    Max deposit: 2999$

    This basic tariff allows our clients to receive passive income from investments.

  • Profit for day: 1.6% 55 working days Force
    Min deposit: 3000$
    Max deposit: 9999$

    This tariff is for more experienced customers who are ready to receive more income from their investments.

  • Profit for day: 2% 65 working days Tornado
    Min deposit: 10000$

    Conditions for all tariffs: Accruals every working day, Withdrawal of interest every working day, The deposit body is paid at the end

there are no active pools
Profit per day:
For all time:

Referral program

Invite your friends and get up to 10% bonus from the investments of the invited investor!

Windly Energy has developed and implemented a referral program that allows its partners to receive permanent passive income from their friends' investments.

4% Level 1
3% Level 2
2% Level 3
1% Level 4
Increase your capital with Windly Energy: invest in wind turbines and get a stable passive income!

Together we can make the world a better place and ensure a sustainable future for all of us and for our planet.

  • 4,653 GW

    converted energy

  • $ 337 M

    of investment